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Meet Mr. Floofs
Animal ID 50131887 
Species Dog 
Breed German Shepherd/Rottweiler 
Age 1 year 4 months 26 days 
Gender Male 
Size Large 
Color Black/Cream 
Declawed No 
Housetrained Unknown 
Location Kennels 
Intake Date 5/6/2022 
Adoption Price $175.00 
Stage Available
Not from a dog walker:
Floofs also knows and responds to the command "here" as a summons to stand next to his person. He also pretty reliably sat, and although we didn't try "down" he did that by himself a few times after being asked to sit. His origin story is probably an interesting one.
We learned that he reacts very reliably to the words "let's go" by rocketing forward. He will happily stand next to someone for quite a while, but as soon as he hears that it is game on. I switched to "vámonos" when I started walking, and he walked right along side. So it's possible he actually learned that command in a previous life as well, or at least has started to make the association. But a note in his file about "let's go" would probably make sense!
I learned that he shows frustration by zooming around, which makes sense. He needs an outlet for the energy. Then I was surprised: he stood in front of me, and when I scratched his shoulders he sank into the upside down pose for a belly rub and was really happy. When I felt it was time to keep going, I stood up (probably a little too fast, it turns out) and he did his dashing around trick again. Context, though, because this time it was a release of happy energy. A big and important difference. I stood still, and after about fifteen seconds it had played out and he calmed right down. But he was jerking the leash, elevating, jumping on my back, the whole nine yards. It would likely be intimidating to someone the first time they experience it, and would definitely knock over a kiddo.

Meet Mr. Floofs, a 1-year-old male German Shepherd/Malamute mix.
Mr. Floofs is a handsome and solid built boy at 73 pounds. He has a strong bark that is very cool but can make some people uncomfortable. Mr. Floofs likes attention and does talk about it to you. He likes to go out in the park for walks but can pull on his leash when he is interested in something. He would benefit from some more training. Mr. Floofs has not met another dog yet at YHS, if you have a dog in your home please bring that pet to meet Mr. Floofs prior to adoption.

This pet is available for adoption on 5/9/22. If you recognize this animal please contact the adoption center at 509-457-6854.
If you are interested in adopting this pet please fill out an adoption questionnaire at www.yakimahumane.org. A Yakima Humane Society staff member will contact you once your questionnaire has been received.
A Picture says 1000 words...right? While an animal's picture draws interest, the reality is that as a potential adopter most people would like as much information as possible about a pet. The Yakima Humane Society is an open admission shelter. What does this mean? Over 90% of the pets at the adoption center arrive as strays, no history of behavior or medical care is known. Adding a pet to your family is a big responsibility. Please research carefully and remember that adoption is life saving. Adopt Don't Shop.
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