Yakima Animal Control

The Yakima Humane Society is under contract with the Yakima County Sheriff's Office to provide housing services for the animals picked up by their Animal Control Officers.

Yakima Humane Society has no jurisdiction to investigate animal cruelty or neglect complaints. We work with the Yakima County Sheriff's Office to report animal abuse and neglect.

To report animal abuse, neglect or cruelty in Yakima County, please call the Yakima County Sheriff's Department, Animal Control Division at (509) 574-2420.

In emergency situations please contact the Yakima County Sheriff's Department at (509) 574-2500.

All animals picked up by Animal Control Officers are housed at the Yakima Humane Society.

County ordinances regarding animals and pets can be found here under Title 8 of the Yakima County Municipal Code.


Quick Facts

  • All dogs must be licensed by four (4) months of age
  • All dogs must have current Rabies inoculation
  • Limited to six (6) dogs per household
  • Dog licenses may be purchased at the Yakima Humane Society or online
  • Altered licensing fee: $15 per year
  • Unaltered licensing fee: $30 per year