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Surrendering Your Pet

For many people, surrendering a pet can be emotionally upsetting. Often a pet is surrendered because an owner simply has no choice, or is unaware of the resources that can help keep them together with their pet. The Yakima Humane Society staff and volunteers recognize and appreciate that this may be a very difficult time for you and your family. Please know that we are here to assist you and to care for your pet if you must surrender. After working with the shelter you may find there are other alternatives than surrendering your beloved pet.

We request a continuing care donation when an animal is admitted to us. The donation ranges from $40 - $70, depending on the type of animal. All donations are greatly appreciated and help to offset a portion of the cost of caring for over 5,000 animals annually.

Surrendering Your Pet
Appointment Required

An Appointment Is Required To Surrender Your Animal.

Please call (509) 457-6854 to learn more about our intake process or schedule an appointment. To assist us in finding the best possible home for your animal we ask that you bring all medical records and be prepared to share behavioral information with us.

What Will Happen To My Pet Once I Surrender It?

Your surrendered pet will be compassionately cared for during his/her stay at the Yakima Humane Society, during which time the animal will be evaluated medically and behaviorally to identify the animal's adoptability and concerns that could restrict, or preclude the animal from finding a new home. Adoptable animals are then placed in our Adoption Center or with one of our Pet Placement Partner agencies. Once an animal is transferred to a Pet Placement Partner legal ownership, responsibility and liability are transferred to that agency.

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What Else Do I Need To Know?

When you surrender your pet you are giving up all legal ownership rights to the animal and legal ownership and responsibilities are transferred to the Yakima Humane Society. The Yakima Humane Society takes the responsibility of your animal's well-being very seriously and we have a team of compassionate and dedicated animal care technicians who will provide loving care to your surrendered pet.

Will My Surrendered Pet Be Adopted?

If the pet you surrendered is in good health and has a sound temperament while at the Yakima Humane Society, or one of the Pet Placement Partner agencies, he/she will be made available for adoption. Also, if the animal is not considered adoptable for minor reversible/treatable problems and has a high degree of adoptability if recovered, the Yakima Humane Society, or one of the Pet Placement Partner agencies may still be able to find the animal a new home. What can be done for those animals that are not adoptable in their current state depends on available resources.

Will My Surrendered Pet Be Adopted?
Yakima Adoption Center

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